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At Belltown Weightloss & Wellness Center we are dedicated to helping clients lose weight, optimize body composition and maintain their healthy weight for life. We offer three different weightloss programs that are used to achieve your weightloss & wellness goals. In addition, all programs are medically supervised, by Dr. Julie Sutton ND, LAc.

Our Programs

Not All Bodies are Created Equal

Not sure which program may be the best fit for you? We will be happy to address any questions and concerns at your consultation. Please schedule a complimentary new dieter consultation.

Spark Program

This highly structured ketogenic diet can be customized according to your activity and body weight. The diet is an integration of pre-selected low carb/low fat foods and whole foods allowing for optimal fat loss. This program allows consistent 2-3 lbs fat loss per week while preserving muscle. You'll learn healthy life habits each week through one on one coaching.

Inside Out Program

This program specifically addresses behavioral changes and balancing the different body systems to optimize weight loss on a week to week basis. Specific laboratory testing and/or nutritional supplementation may be recommended to address other treatment needs that may be a barrier to your weight loss.

Body Intelligence Program

This program analyzes your genetic markers that contribute to how your body processes foods and responds to exercise. It also examines behavioral traits regarding diet and lifestyle. Diet, exercise and behavioral recommendations are tailored to your genetics. This program provides an individualized roadmap to achieving lifelong optimal health.

Additional Support

  • Acupuncture for Weightloss
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Massage Therapy
  • A la carte Nutrition Services

Our Team

Dr. Julie Sutton
Dr. Julie SuttonMedical Director / Co-Founder
Ivy Karlinsky
Ivy KarlinskyWeight Loss Coach / Nutritionist
Dr. Scott Mindel
Dr. Scott MindelFounder

Our Packages

Spark Ketogenic Program
4 week, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month programs available
  • • First week of partial meal replacement foods*
  • • 1 month supply of supplements
  • • Weekly coaching/nutritional education
  • • Weekly body composition testing
  • *Additional food/costs may be required based on starting body weight and activity level
Body Intelligence Program
  • • Includes cost of genetic lab testing
  • • 1 hour interpretation of results
  • • Customized menu planning according to genetic type
  • • Exercise and lifestyle recommendations customized to genetic type
  • • Nutri-Q systems assessment
  • • Weekly body composition testing
  • • One-on-one coaching for 12 weeks
Inside Out Program
  • • Nutri-Q systems assessment
  • • Customized health program to optimize weight loss
  • • Weekly body composition testing
  • • One-on-one coaching for 6 months
  • • Specialized lab tests may be considered at an additional cost
a la carte Nutritional Services
  • • Introductory session to evaluate current diet and needs
  • • One-on-one meal planning
  • • Grocery shopping tour
  • • Ongoing coaching sessions with weekly body composition testing and recommendations
  • • Nutritional Wellness Package*
  • *includes combination of above services at a discounted rate

Pricing starts at $299, please call 206-922-7995 or click "enroll now" and choose "new diet consultation" through our scheduling system.

Referrals for other specialized services may be considered, such as, counseling, biofeedback, neurolinguistics programming (NLP) and/or hypnotherapy on a case by case basis.

*The above fees do not include prescription medications, nutritional supplements, or specialty labs, all of which are optional with your program.

**At this time insurance billing is not available for any of our weight loss programs.


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